The Positive Economy Network

The Positive economy Network is the international network of those who put the interest of generations to come at the heart of their thinking and acting.

Whereas the reign of emergency dominates the economy and the society in general, the Positive economy Network was born out of the conviction that it is critical to restore the long-term priority in our decisions and actions. Why? Because it is the only way to address the economic, environmental, technological, social and political challenges that are in store for the 2030 world.

The Positive economy Network is a bridge, an interlinking tool at different scales: from the CEO of the great company to social entrepreneur, from the economist to the artist.

The common point between all these actors: the will to undertake according to new models in the economic field but also in other sectors of the society. These new models care about their long term impact and take into account the interest of generations to come.

The Positive economy Network’s conviction is that the viable and positive answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow will come out from the exchange and the dialogue between actors coming from different backgrounds but pursuing the same goal.

The heart of its action and reflection is the economic, financial and entrepreneurial practices that take in account the interest of generations to come. To this extent, these practices have an impact that goes beyond the economy. They are an answer to serious global issues.

To set up a positive society that redirects the economy toward the consideration of generations to come, our network gathers, raises awareness and thinks today’s world and tomorrow’s solutions.


  • By gathering, several times a year in the LHFORUM context, company directors, NGO leaders, social entrepreneurs, thinkers, artists, idea-carrying citizens or innovating projects-developers.
  • By facilitating the emulation between experts during brainstorming sessions on global issues.
  • By producing analysis and creating measurement tools for a better assessment and understanding of the world.
  • By giving to see and to understand the positive economy through artistic exhibitions and educational initiatives.