Check out the talks of the P+EF San Patrignano 2015!

For two years now, the Positive Economy Forum has been teaming up with San Patrignano to host its Italian editions. This community embodies the perfect example of social enterprises regarding both its philosophy and its functioning. As a result, the partnership emerged naturally between the two entities to promote a more positive world. The 2015 edition was a great success as the P+EF San Patrignano welcomed between the 9th and the 10th of april 2015 more than a thousand people and 50 outstanding international and Italian speakers (business leaders, NGOs, politicians, social entrepreneurs, academics) who shared their experience related to positive finance, positive governance etc in both synthetic and accessible interventions.
You’ve always wanted to learn about how to create jobs without waiting endlessly for growth? Olivier Flament knows a little something about it. Or maybe learn how innovative neighborhoods will help us all live together with Thérèse Lebrun? Or you’re more interested in the importance of fighting corruption to achieve a more positive world like Andrea Crosta or in women’s empowerment like Claudia Parzani? All our speakers will try to answer your questions here.  
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