The Positive Labs

In 2012, Jack Sim, Founder of the World Toilet Organization meets Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh International at the 1st edition of the Forum. Both experts of the sanitization and of the public health, they exchange and share their experiences on the matter for the first time. From this unprecedented and successful meeting were born the Positive lab, with a goal: facilitating the linking and the emulation between specialists in order to find solutions to global issues, always keeping in mind the interest of generations to come. Each lab is initiated by a pilot who wishes to gather experts from different backgrounds to brainstorm on a positive economy issue so as to start an eclectic reflection, produce original analysis and propose innovative solutions of strategic, political, economic and also environmental nature. The lab gives rise to 2 high points;

  • A brainstorming session of half a day or more, gathering 8 to 12 experts behind closed doors
  • A 1h30-public restitution conference, with the totality or part of the participants