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For a long time, social and solidarity economy has appeared in France and in Europe as a special sector, with an uncertain legitimacy regarding the prevailing economic system based on deregulation and immediate profit.

The crisis of 2008 has changed this approach. It led to wonder about others visions of performance, others times for action. It also gave more credit to the actors of this special economic sector. However, nothing is settled yet for health and social welfare sector whose collective expenditure appears to be a risk for State and enterprise competiveness in our industrial countries.

For the Mutualité Française, health actor for almost two centuries, health is a crucial factor for a long-term growth. Because international and national issues are linked, health is no longer a luxury reserved to developed countries but a condition for less wealthy countries, for instance emerging countries, to comfort their development. Moreover, as a sector of knowledge, technicalities and industries which export, health also allows indirectly economic growth of western countries, now confronted to the recession.

This vision of health is reflected in the reflexions proposed by the Mouvement pour une économie positive. Objectives are common: responsibility, durability and solidarity.