Nomadéis ( was created in 2002 by two graduates of the ESSEC business school, after a one-year worldwide research project about water and poverty supported by Jacques Attali. Nomadéis is one of the French pioneers of sustainable development consulting.
Over the past 12 years, Nomadéis has carried out more than 300 assignments in France and 50 countries, working for companies, governments and NGOs in 4 main fields of expertise:
–        Development of green economy sectors (water, energy, construction, mobility…)
–        Sustainable cities and territories (smart cities, Agenda 21, eco-districts…)
–        Corporate Social Responsibility (reporting, partnerships, corporate philanthropy…)
–        New business models (circular economy, collaborative economy…)
Since its creation, Nomadéis has been acting as a laboratory for many key concerns linked to positive economy: scarce resources management, fight against poverty, access to basic services, sustainable urbanisation, mobilization of future generations…
For instance, Nomadéis created with Fondapol the “Scenario 2012” project (, the first global survey about youth and sustainable development, conducted in partnership with the United Nations, involving 30,000 young people aged 16 to 29 and 100 personalities in 30 countries.
As a member of the reflection group on positive economy, which authored the report submitted to the French President in September 2013, Nomadéis contributed to the creation of the positivity index for Nations and is currently working on the adaptation of this index for companies, local authorities and civil society organizations.
Nomadéis regularly participates in the LHLAB brainstorming sessions (e.g. on new energy policies, performance indicators for companies, development of port cities…) and took part as a speaker in the last international Positive Economy Forum held in Italy (San Patrignano) in June 2014.
Nomadéis was also a member of the jury for the international student competition for a positive economy (2013 edition).