April, 7 & 8th 2016

Built on the success of the past editions (1,200 participants, 50 renowned Italian & international speakers and a broad media coverage) the 3rd edition of the Positive Economy Forum San Patrignano was held on april 7 & 8th, 2016 !

The Positive Economy Forum San Patrignano is a unique opportunity to address fundamental general topics in relation to the positive economy, on the one hand, and highlight specific and dedicate topical issues directly related to the community, on the other hand.

Discover this amazing event, held in a unique venture:

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April, 7th 

Jacques Attali inaugurated this 3rd edition of the San Patrignano Forum with those words:

“Thanks to the movement of the Positive Economy Forum, we finally started talking globally about the meaning of Positive Economy, but talking is no longer enough.” 


  • Positive University

Positive universities are responsible universities that are concerned by the well-being of their students and of the future generations. What kind of innovations to improve well-being in the universities?

  • Positive Corporations

Understanding how positive corporations take into account their stakeholders and future generations’ interests. What do they do to transform themselves?

  • Positive Cities

Revamping the 21st century cities through the creative use of technology for the benefits of all citizens and future generations.

  • Positive Culture

The role of culture in fighting against discrimination: cultural rights as a basic need.

Positive Awards Ceremony 

In the evening, the social commitment of Kerry Kennedy, Antonella Antonelli and Brunello Cucinelli was rewarded during the Positive Award Ceremony. When accepting her Award, the daughter of Robert Kennedy, who for years now has been engaged in the protection of human rights through the “Robert f. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation” had those heartfelt words:

“I work every day with those who risk their lives for their freedom, but no one has more courage than the residents of San Patrignano. Thank you for your ability to take care of others and for your continued demonstration of love.” 

April, 8th 


  • Positive Employment 

How Institutions and entrepreneurs can work to reduce youth unemployment rate?

  • Positive Arts 

Think and rethink arts for a positive society around creativity and engagement.

  • Positive Technology

How technology can enhance environment, urbanization and people’s lives?

  • Positive Investments

Positive finance: how can the human factor be better assessed and integrated in the valuation of an asset or a company?

  • Closing Debate by Letizia Moratti

How to the younger generation see the world of tomorrow? What are their dreams and desires?


They have shared their vision :

  • Pier Carlo Padoan, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance
  • Cécile Calé, Curator and President of Cercle Spiridion
  • Felix Hallwachs, Managing Director, Little Sun
  • Alice Alessandrini, co-founder of Passodue
  • Steven Payne, Principal, Tangaza University College
  • Michele Bugliesi, President of Italian Sustainable Campus Network
  • Jean Kaspar, Vice-President of the International Social Observatory
  • Michelangelo Pistoletto, Artist
  • Wendy Luhabe, Founder and Chair, Women Private Equity Fund
  • Alfredo Brillambourg, Architect and Urban Designer, Urban-Think Tank
  • Selene Biffi, Founder and Executive Director of Plain Ink

and many more !

“Manifesto against the dictatorship of the GDP” 

On April, 8th, was released the “Manifesto against the dictatorship of the GDP”, already signed by Letizia Moratti, Jacques Attali, Kerry Kennedy and Stefano Zamagni, its intent is to be a tool to sustain the patient capitalism. The Manifesto depicts a complementary tool to the GDP to develop the concept of positive economy, consolidating and giving valuable feedback to ensure a future for the next generations. “That’s why I hope many people will want to sign it in support of an idea that must finally find concreteness”, concluded Moratti.

Positive Labs 

  • The positive University of the 21st century – 1 Year After by The Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) in partnership with Finmeccanica

“Only knowledge can free the future of Italy” is the first thought that came to mind for Gaetano Manfredi, President CRUI and Dean of the University of Naples. Making his first appearance at the Positive Economy Forum in San Patrignano he had say, “Universities in itself are positive because it is a means of development. This is not enough; we must invest more in culture because culture means freedom, strength and democracy.”

  • “Microcredit for a Positive Economy – 1 Year After” by Mario Baccini, President of the National Body for Microcredit

“What we design is a mechanism to remove social exclusion to those who live in a precarious situation. Such a project is to reconstruct the areas seized from the Mafia in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily, cultivating products for which the general conditions are favorable.” 

  • Private Foundations for positive development – with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and E4Impact Foundation

 A day dedicated to youth!

On April 6th, the Community of San Patrignano has also welcomed the first high school forum for students from Rimini and Bologna, with the purpose of mobilizing them on topics related to positive economy, especially eco-tourism; so that they can act as changemakers!


Founded in 1978, San Patrignano is the largest secular center in the world for the rehabilitation of drug addicts and children presenting difficulties. Since its creation, San Patrignano has taken care of more than 25,000 young people.

As a unique social reintegration model based on the search for excellence, San Patrignano offers its 1,300 annual residents more than 50 trainings from agricultural work (wine, farming) to arts and crafts ( leather workshops, metal work…), gastronomy as well as design and audiovisual.

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