Redesigning shareholding so as to better include long-term issues within the company

February 4th, 2015 – Auditorium of Le Monde (80, boulevard Auguste-Blanqui – 75013 Paris)

Read the summary note of the workshop here (in French)


In order to build a positive economy and society, it is necessary to take into account the interests of future generations. Yet, corporate governance, of whether publicly listed company or not, still relies too much on short-term considerations. How can stakeholders become actors of a “positive transformation” within companies? Which means can they use to make decisions that benefit next generations? What practical and concrete actions can they promote to achieve such results?

8:00 am :
Welcome breakfast
8:30 – 8:45 am:
Introductory speech by Jacques Attali, President, Positive Economy Forum
8:45 – 10:00 am:
Presentation of the conclusions of the Positive Lab organised in partnership with Eurazeo

The discussion led by Patrick Sayer, President of Directoire Eurazeo, and animated by Vincent Edin, freelance journalist and Cedric Baecher, cofounder and Associate Director of Nomadeis & General Rapporteur on the positive economy index, gathered:

  • Colette Neuville, President, Association de Défense des Actionnaires Minoritaires (ADAM)
  • Pierre Bollon, General Representative, Association Française de Gestion Financière (AFG)
  • Gonzague de Blignières, President, Raise
  • Armand Hatchuel, Professor, Mines Paris Tech – Centre de gestion scientifique and Co-author Refonder l’entreprise
  • Daniel Hurstel, Corporate lawyer, Associate professor, Chair Entreprise et Pauvreté, HEC and author of Homme, entreprises, société : restaurer la confiance
  • Daniel Lebègue, Honorary Chairman, IFA and President, Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises (ORSE)
  • Benoît Legrand, Managing director, ING-Direct

Cynthia Fleury, Professor, American University of Paris, Pierre-Yves Gomez, Professor of Strategy, EM Lyon Business School and Director of Institut Français de Gouvernement des Entreprises (I.F.G.E.), François Passant, Executive Director, Eurosif, Forum Européen pour l’Investissement Responsable, and Blanche Segrestin, Professor, Mines Paris Tech – Centre de gestion scientifique and Co-author Refonder l’entreprise, who participated in the Positive Lab, weren’t able to attend the event.