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Cyrielle Hariel

Cyrielle Hariel

Journalist, Europe 1 / Ushuaia TV

BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background:

Cyrielle started out as a journalist for Direct 8 (C8). She later on decided to give further meaning to her life through humanitarianism and ecology.
Sensitive to world issues, she discovered through the clips of the most influential person of her childhood and even her life today, the committed Michael Jackson, and notably songs including ‘Heal the world’, ‘We are the world’, ‘Earth Song’ and ‘Man in the mirror’. Cyrielle dove in and wrote her first project which brought her to Bangladesh along with the president of Action Against Hunger in May 2014.
This project becomes a life defining moment that gives her commitment its true sense. Cyrielle meets the most persecuted ethnicity in the world (according to the UN), the Rohingyas, a Muslim minority suffering from apartheid for over 30 years, victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Burma and expelled from the entire South-East Asia. This is also when, for the first time, she gets familiar with the dangers related to climate change, as Bangladesh is predicted to be one of the first victims with 50 million people to be displaced due to rising water levels in the country.

This moving and shocking humanitarian mission also turns out to be not only an eye-opener for Cyrielle but also a new chapter in her personal life. She realised that she wanted to dedicate her life to the most vulnerable and needy.

During a routine check-up the day before her departure for the mission, a cardiologist announces that she has a congenital heart defect. A few weeks after her return from Dacca, emergency surgery is performed and Cyrielle wakes up with a brand new prosthesis on her heart and the feeling of being grateful for her life. She feels full of energy ready to defend the rights of the voiceless. Today, as a Green & Positive Journalist, Cyrielle shines the light on Changemakers through her posts and media interventions. She participated in the COP21 with Paris Match and, since January 2016, she appears on Ushuaia TV every week (Ushuaia le mag). With each interview, she brings the new world closer to us – a world in which aiming for the impossible can result in success.
Her commitment to humanitarian, ecological and sustainable development issues has given Cyrielle the possibility to meet some of the most renown actors in these domains, such as Pierre Rabhi, Nicolas Hulot, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Paul Watson, Yann-Arthus Bertrand, Robert Redford, cacique Raoni, Marion Cotillard, Etienne Bourgeois, Romain Troublé, Matthieu Ricard, Nicolas Imbert, Jean Jouzel, Père Pedro Opeka, Jane Goodall, Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse), Deepak Chopra, Dalaï-Lama, Pierre Niney, Lambert Wilson, the Nobel peace laureate Pr Muhammad Yunus, Vandana Shiva, SAS Prince Albert II de Monaco, etc.
Her “Heart-Pic” movement is represented by her own heart that today beats stronger than ever for the underprivileged and highlights the positive values of Humankind to #MakeABetterWorld!


QUOTE / A sentence, quotation or a word that best describes you:

“They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.” Mark Twain