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Luc Barruet

Founder and director, Solidarité Sida and Solidays

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

On the 18 of October 1992, Luc Barruet, though student in political and social Sciences in la Sorbonne, founded the association Solidarité Sida with his friend Eric Elzière. Their initial project was to raise 10 million francs to help the ill persons without having recourse to the donations (4 years later this goal will be reached). And how ? By creating general public awareness events organized by and for the youth. A unique model of solidarity economy which oblige to constantly innovate and to federate lots of energies about his project.

If everyone knows the Solidays festival, which gathered this year in the Hippodrome de Longchamp more than 175 000 persons, lots of people do not know that this man in his forties is at the origine of other projects as the tours of La Nuit du Zapping or La Nuit de l’Humour, the Médicaments pour tous campaign, the Sex in the city exhibition at La Bastille, the Love Life Parade or even The Grand Zapping Show at the Champs de Mars… To Luc, there are always struggles and injustices which require to surpass itself, to find individually and collectively the ressources to go further. All about the history of Solidarité Sida has always been written thus, by dint of audacity, enthusiasm and determination.

Today, Luc Barruet is at the head of about thirty employees and 3 000 volunteers throughout France. Even though time is running out, he did not lose his faith in the youth to change the world. And so much the better, for after all, as Mark Twaine said: ‘they did not know that it was impossible, so that they did it. ‘

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is your project, initiative, start-up, company all about?

It is not because he has AIDS but because he wanted to act. For 22 years Luc Barruet tries his best to make generosity be synonymous with efficacity. And it works. 2.8 millions of youth have been already be part in the events and initiatives of Solidarité Sida and almost 1 400 ill persons assistance and prevention programs were supported in 31 countries. Creative and enthusiastic militant and peerless organizer he contrasts wih his ironclad normality and pragmatism.