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Michel Derdevet

Secretary General of ERDF (Electricité Réseau Distribution France) and Member of the Board of the Company

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background:

Graduated top of his class at Montpellier I Faculty of Law and holds an Executive MBA from HEC International Business School. After holding several positions of responsibility in the offices of Government ministers, he spent the most of his career from 1985 onwards working for EDF, before moving to RTE upon its creation in 2000 to 2012 as Director of Communications and Public Affairs at RTE.

 A senior lecturer at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (IEP, where he teaches a class entitled “Europe and Business”), he is the author of a number of publications, including “Power Networks at the Heart of Industrial Civilization” (Timée, 2007), “Europe out of Energy: the Case for a Genuine Common Energy Policy (Descartes, May 2009), and “The energy future, cards on table” (Gallimard, February 2012).

He is also the author of the report adressed to the President of the French Republic  “Energy, a networked Europe”

ACHIEVEMENT / What is your project, initiative, startup, company all about?

ERDF manages the public electricity distribution network of France (35 million customers).

LOCATION / In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

The public electricity distribution network covers 95% of continental France.

QUOTE / A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you.

“We must have no regrets for the past, no remorse for the present, and an unshakable confidence in the future.” Jean Jaurès