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Raphael Clairin

Raphaël Clairin

President, Les Industries du Havre

BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background:

Raphael has been Vice President of Strategy for the Sidel Group since June, 2017, and Head of Group process office. He has been working for the Sidel Group, and Sidel Blowing & Services before that since 2003. He had previously been Plant controller for Schwan’s France in Mezidon, and external auditor for Fidorg Windsor in Caen (1998-1999). From 1996 to 1997, he was a Professor of economy, Italian and history for the French Army in Chateauroux.

He has a degree in Production management modules from the University of Bologna, and a PhD in science of management from IAE Caen. He graduated from the Bordeaux Institut d’Etudes Politiques with a degree in Political science with a major in Economy and Finance. He graduated from High School in 1994 with a major in economy (Lycée Malherbe Caen).

He is additionally President of the Industries du Havre, and Vice President of Industry for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Seine Estuaire, Le Havre.


ACHIEVEMENT / What does the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum consist of?

Les Industries du Havre is a non-profit gathering industrial businesses from le Havre with over 30 members, which aims to promote industrials and their activity, but also the area’s attractivity by coordinating joint reflections to contribute to local positive economy.


LOCATION / Where do you lead your project/company (city, region and country)?

Le Havre, France


IMPACT / How do you evaluate the economic, social, politic and environmental impact of your project / action?

We promote collaborative economy, allow businesses of all sizes to share common issues, and are a source of proposals to local and regional actors.