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Tri Mumpuni

Founder, Ibeka Foundation


Tri Mumpuni Isk

BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background

-Agriculture Engineering and Socio-Economic Engineering, Bogor Agricul-tural University, Indonesia, 1990
– Energy and Sustainable Development International Session, Universidad da Costa Rica, 1992
– Trade and Sustainable Development Course, Chiang Mai University, Thai-land, 1993
– Leadership for Environment and Development Course, 1993 – 1995, LEAD based in New York funded by Rockefeller Foundation
– Lead Fellows (Cohort 2)

ACHIEVEMENT/ What is your project/ initiative/startup/company all about?

Tri Mumpuni, in her organization, People Centered Business and Economic Institute (IBEKA), she has implemented more than 82 micro hydro projects and all of them are running well as the result of sufficient social preparation as well as solar photovoltaic for water pumping system, and also wind turbine. Many achievements have been achieved, such as:
– Ramon Magsaysay Awarded, Noble award for Asia, July 2011
– Nominee for Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2011
– Ashden Award Winner, May 2012
– Receiving Global Peace Award, Atlanta USA, 1 December 2012
– Receiving a Indonesian Woman of Change from US Embassy in Indonesia, March 2013.
-Receiving an Innovative Work themed Women’s Manageament of Natural Resources for Development from Islamic Development Bank, March 2013.
– IDB Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development -Tajikistan May 2013

LOCATION/ In which city, country, part of the world do you conduct your activities?

Indonesia, Rwanda, Philipines, Japan,India, Thailand

IMPACT/ What is the positive economic, social, political, environmental…of the activity, project, initiative, startup, company?

Tri Mumpuni (Puni) is an agriculture engineer, she has been campaigning to replace the diesel power
generation to renewable energy in the decision maker level for decades. She has been able to develop network on the issue of renewable industry with key stakeholders such as The Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources and also the only utility in Indonesia, PT PLN (Indonesian State Own Electricity Company). She develops micro hydro for rural development and develops electricity as a mean to generate economic growth in rural area. Her current project is the introduction of energy garden to the remote villagers where the community who owns 2000 m2 of land will be introduced to jarak plant (Jatropha sp), and upon harvesting, the community could then produce castrol oil which can replace the use of kerosene for lighting and cooking in the designated rural areas. She has developed and conduct public information session on various educational materials related to renewable energy and efficiency energy. In the national level, she holds many positions to help the office of Energy and Mineral Resources Department such as electricity tariff watch committee, small power purchased tariff, etc.

QUOTE/ A saying, quote or reference phrase that tells something about you

Rural Electrification using renewable energy is the powerful tools to develop rural economy.