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Let’s be altruistic to build a better world!

Carole Bouquet, Matthieu Ricard et Jacques Attali speak about the World in 2030 at the Positive Economy Forum 2013 in Le Havre.

Carole Bouquet Actress
Carole Bouquet is a French actress. In 1989, she won the César award for Best Actress  for her part in Bertrand Blier’s movie, Too beautiful for you. She is the spokewoman of the French federative association La voix de l’Enfant, which aims at defending chidlren’s Read more...
Matthieu Ricard
Matthieu Ricard Buddhist monk, founder of the humanitarian organization Karuna-Shechen
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background Ph.D. degree in molecular genetics at the Pasteur Institute under François Jabob. He has been living in the Himalayas for 45 years as a Buddhist monk. He dedicates his actions to preserving the Himalayan cultural inheritance (he has supervised Read more...
BD marina-tsvetaieva-poete-envers-et-contre-tout-me-bouleverse-par-jacques-attali
Jacques Attali President, Positive Planet Foundation and President, Positive Economy Forum
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background Professor, writer, Honorary Member of the Council of State, Special Adviser to the President of the Republic from 1981 to 1991, founder and first President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London from 1991 to 1993, Jacques Read more...