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And if we all went 100% organic?

And if we all went 100% organic? WithVinay Kumar, Digital Green, George Oxley, Les Foodingues, Guillaume Bapst, Association Nationale de Développement des Épiceries Solidaires – andes
& Nicolas Trilling, LocavorShow

Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar Regional Director, Asia and Global Initiatives, Digital Green
BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background: Vinay Kumar is a founding member of Digital Green and provides leadership to program strategy, organizational development and operations. His interests include sustainable agriculture, livelihoods, global health and nutrition. He has extensive experience of over 30 years in public, private Read more...
Nicolas Trilling Entrepreneur, short food-supply chain and founder, LocavorShow concept
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background: My self-taught background: I worked for 20 years in mass-market retailing (maneuver, top executive, shop manager, department supervisor). I’ve been in business for over 13 years now: Animation Agency, Press House and creator of the communication agency. (Short food-supply Read more...
Guillaume Bapst
Guillaume Bapst Director and co-founder, National Association for the Development of Solidarity-based Grocery stores (ANDES)
BACKGROUND / Professional and academic: For 15 years, fighting food assistance and helping beneficiaries become independent has been the core strategy of Guillaume Bapst, founder-director of ANDES, and its teams. Navigating between the professional and social sectors, he managed, within 16 years, to reconcile associative Read more...