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Habitat in the era of the fourth industrial revolution

In the digital age and era of smart cities, future generations will want other ways to live. with Dickson Despommier, Columbia University, Andrew Heid, NO Architecture, Marion Dutoit, landscape artist, Marie-Christine Premartin, ADEME, Laurent Pérusat, AIA Architectes

Marie-Christine Premartin Directrice Exécutive , ADEME
BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background: Master of engineering. Manager in charge of environment and sustainable development, in state administration and regional authorities. ACHIEVEMENT / What does the project/initiative/startup/company you will be presenting at the Positive Economy Forum consist of? Ademe is French state Agency for  Read more...
Andrew Heid
Andrew Philip Heid Founder and Principal, NO ARCHITECTURE, PLLC (NOA)
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background: Andrew Heid is the founding principal of NO ARCHITECTURE—NOA, an internationally award-winning practice based in New York City. Currently, Andrew is a lecturer at the New York Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture and an adjunct assistant professor at the Read more...