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Let’s reinvent the economy

Stefania Giannini, François Taddei and Michel Saloff–Coste repliy to the questions of the public about creativity and re-inventing the economy at the PEF San Patrignano 2015.

Michel Saloff Coste pics
Michel Saloff Coste Executive Director Future Innovation Institute Lille Catholic University / International Development Associate Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies / Director R&D In Principo
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background. Michel Saloff-Coste is an international integral and global futurist, researcher, business advisor and entrepreneur working with individuals, corporations and governments to foster “fast insights into alternative futures”. He is a respected analyst and keynote speaker and has addressed many of Read more...
François Taddei Founder and Director, Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity
BACKGROUND / Academic and professional background François Taddei is graduate of Polytechnique. He is also a chief engineer in Bridge, Water and Forests Administration and has a PhD in molecular and cellular genetics. He manages in Inserm the team « Advanced engineering systems and evolutionary Read more...