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Accessing to energy: the solutions proposed by Total

Pepukaye Bardouille and Emmanuel Léger speak about Energy at the Positive Economy Forum 2013 in Le Havre.

Emmanuel Léger Head of Access to Energy, Total
With a strong background in finance and global energy markets, Emmanuel was appointed Head of Access to Energy Program in 2010. This program aims to expand the mix of energy solutions offered by the TOTAL Group to respond to the energy needs of a broader Read more...
Pepukaye Bardouille Global Product Specialist, Sustainable Business Advisory Department, International Finance Corporation
Pepukaye – Pep – Bardouille is passionate about environmentally-sustainable economic development, social justice, and access to basic services, particularly water and energy. A Senior Energy Specialist with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group, she currently leads much of the institution’s Read more...