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Tomorrow, we will all be nomadic workers.

Tomorrow, we will all be nomadic workers. With Floriane de Saint-Pierre, Eyes on Talents, François-Xavier Marquis, Consultant & Joyce Ventura, filmmaker

Floriane de Saint Pierre
Floriane de Saint Pierre Président, FSP Group (Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associés, Ethics & Boards, Eyes On Talents)
BACKGROUND / Professional and educational background: ESSEC graduate Founder & President FSP Group Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associés (Paris, Milan, New York) : Organization strategy and Executive Search Ethics & Boards: Governance Analytics Digital Platform Eyes On Talents: Digital Platform dedicated to best creative talents’ professional visibility Read more...
fx marquis
François-Xavier Marquis Digital consultant
BACKGROUND/ Professional and academic: Doctor graduated from Les Mines de Paris (Project and New Products 1994), Masters of Industrial Management (Agro Paris Tech 1988), Post-Graduate diploma (DEA) Génie des procédés (Paris X 1981), ENSIA Engineer (Agro Paris Tech 1978). Since 2014: Consultancy and support to Read more...